You have the choice of 8 smart modules
all in one online program

Modules with lots of options for your unique process


Essentially Gofaso is about sending uotations faster and easier for companies that rapidly respond to a request. One of the tools to help you with that are re-usable templates.


What also has to be calculated for an offer Gofaso is the best solution for a consistent price structure, with more prizes, discount prices and recalculation.


Administration groomed to perfection, until nothing will go wrong. Quickly create new relationships and easily manage existing relationships, all contact data and multiple addresses. All the necessary information processed in accounts.


With Gofaso you can see work preparation and simply adding, managing and using delivery notes, work orders and purchase orders. All archived in a dossier so you can find all your order notes in place.


We are actually calling this module E-CRM. Reason is that we believe that your customer relationships must be more efficient and handled in an innovative way!


We take that piece of planning out of your hands by linking all users together with a calendar for the deadlines, mixed with a pinboard and E-CRM.


Know how your company financially stands and control the sales of your company. Charts and graphs directly visible of a certain period and longer, thanks to this tool you will stay up to date!


Make the various invoices in Gofaso and do the invoice monitoring yourself, if needed in your situation, we can link Exact Online, Twinfield, Sage* or other accounting software.
(*on request, costs apply)

Work streamlined

One of the main reasons why Gofaso makes the difference is in the speed of the settlement of a quotation


An application that you treat with Gofaso so efficient that a quote in 3 minutes can already be sent to the customer.
And billing is also much faster because of e-invoicing,
We can alse provide you the option for an IDEAL button.

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Dec 24


The efficiency of customer service is unmatched in the Cloud Software, at various times the logic program can inform your relationship about the status of the order.

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Dec 26


Gofaso Business Software runs online,this means there is no installation required. All important data is encrypted and will never be damaged or lost. In addition to this safe method, Gofaso is easy to manage!

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Jan 02

En uw bedrijf groeit mee

Met een overzichtelijk Gofaso blijkt het veel eenvoudiger te zijn de richting van uw bedrijf uit te stippelen


Gemak in the cloud!

Cloud Software is onmisbaar in het dagelijks leven, vele mensen maken er onbewust veel gebruik van zoals gebruikers van Facebook en andere online diensten. U gebruikt dus ook Cloud Software wanneer u begint met Gofaso. Al uw gegevens veilig in de Cloud en eenvoudig te beheren. Alle gebruikers blijven up-to-date door deze wereldwijd toegankelijke software.

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Een programma dat duidelijk de gebruiker voor ogen heeft

De software stelt het bedrijf in staat om verschillende gebruiker types in het programma specifiek datgene te laten zien wat nodig is voor de uitoefening van zijn of haar functie. Door aparte rechten in te stellen wordt het afbakenen van bijv. de financiële omgeving in een handomdraai geregeld.

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Experience of our users

''I now know precisely what the costs of a project are when it comes to designing and printing to assembly. That gives me insight; and I never have to do more to take on a task that costs me money. Gofaso is explicit, flexible and fast.''
Signmania (België)
''Gofaso is the solution for our company! Finally a system that is perfectly designed for the sign industry. We can safely say that since we operate our business with Gofaso our company has made several steps forward.''
FerryQuik Reklame
''I'm in control, my documents at your fingertips and production is accessible while I'm on my way. That is decisive for me!''
AS Paint

''An all-round program for quotations, workplace and billing. Easy to use and yet at every level the best support.”
Dré Lommers
Lommers Signmaking
''If you are looking for sign business software, then look no further, because Gofaso is the right program compared to others. Yarno: '' calculation capabilities, product prices, discount prices and still 10 points are really essential in our company!''
Yarno van de Wiel
Spectrum Reclame
"A win-win situation for all parties! We have everyting under control thanks to Gofaso; from quotation to invoicing. And the professional quotations and follow-up opportunities are much appreciated by our customers!"
Signs Up (Belgium)

Quick and simple tools


Companies looking for innovative automation

We provide a program that works for your business and we offer you the solutions in the field of comprehensive calculation, offer, maintaining projects, customer relationship management, statistics and these are just some functions in the base or in modules of the program.

Manufacturing companies

Applicable industries

Gofaso Software develops 1 package (modules) to various companies but mainly to SIGN-companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. We focus in particular on the SIGN industry, gardeners and contractors but it is clear that the program is versatile.

Time saving

Special and unique

Gofaso sets goal: Find connections with practical needs! We offer the combination of the latest innovations in a program aimed at SIGN-companies that many quotes and use it several functions well with or even indispensable.

Ease of use

Multiple users helped at the same time

The software company allows different user types in the program to show specifically what is necessary for the performance of his or her duties. By setting separate duty is defining e.g. regulated financial environment in an instant.

Gofaso plans & pricing

To keep it simple we offer two options: a trial period of 30 days and a premium subscription

  • Everything you need to organize the business and to calculate quotations, contact management and planning. During your 30-day free trial, you'll have full access to the features in our GoPremium plan
  • £0 / 30-day free trial
  • Overview dashboard
  • Relations
  • Estimates
  • Order handling
  • Workshop
  • 1 user
  • Invoicing (e-invoicing)
  • E-CRM
  • Correspondance
  • Start


  • All great things we have to offer - Everything you need to organize your business and for estimating quotations, contact management and planning. + Billing (invoice monitoring / reminders)
  • Pricelist / 30-day free trial
  • Overview dashboard
  • Relations
  • Estimates
  • Order handling
  • Workshop
  • max. 5 users
  • Invoicing (e-invoicing)
  • E-CRM
  • Correspondance
  • Start


*Standard we offer support within our online helpdesk terms & conditions apply. There is an additional pricelist for consults/support at your office or when more users than 5 are needed. 3 workdays are needed to setup your account. Prices ex. VAT / Monthly subscription.

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Gofaso Software provides a standard modular program to quotation-making companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.
Our business software is therefor available in more than three different languages.

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